Lyrics to Bedouin Dress
by Fleet Foxes

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[edit]Song titleBedouin Dress
[edit]Artist nameFleet Foxes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If to borrow is to take and not return
I have borrowed all my lonesome life
And I can't, no I can't get through
The borrower's debt is the only regret of my youth

And believe me it's not easy when I look back
Everything I took got soon returned
Just to be adding it's free again
All of the sirens are driving me over the stern

Just to be adding it's free again
All of the sirens are driving me over the stern

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One day that's my ...

In the street one day I saw you among the crowd
In a geometric pattern dressed
Gleaming white just as I recall
Old as I get I will never forget it at all
Gleaming white just as I recall
Old as I get I will never forget it at all

One day added is free
One day that's my ...
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Lyrics to Bedouin Dress
by Fleet Foxes

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