Lyrics to World so Cruel
by Flesh-N-Bone

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[edit]Song titleWorld so Cruel
[edit]Artist nameFlesh-N-Bone
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here I come rollin' off with Mo Thugs
Trues humbly united gathering souls and bail
Livin' life daily, all tha way tha plan
Instead, I can't stand it feel I'm gonna self destruct
But I don't wanna go to hell

Vixin' tha body does it tell 'n explicit
For more 'n I seen ya vision
And let never fiendin' catch us and ah schemin'
We'll drink foe tha way yallz are breakin' me pan
We born to tha weed it would grow
Didn't know tha Bone'd grown some
Buckaz gon' keep it right just home
And searchin' wit they hustlin', same time see tha Bone

They done have a safe place foe my babies
Don't murda, brought up, so crazy get 'n tha cruel
World, all made up it like hades
Don't make Flesh break down, sign sight, my pine
I'd hide drug dealaz, I find my started
Try not to pine in my nine
I try to stay kind instead it plus pealin', pealin'

That splif, roll over that shove it
Find tha po po beatin', down ya doe and did it
To ya break and ya won't see tha busta faces
Here tha more, no more killin' each other for witches and shoes
Shit, it ain't nothin' to lose, we get ah drop in twos
Mo's Fools do nothin' and I tasts my turnin'
And passin' it out wit tha Layzie li'l Eazy, my mentor
Keep in, handin' over tha shoes, I go walkin' in
And baby had to go die bye bye wit tha cruel world take 'em sha

Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel
Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel

This Reverend from Heaven
Just makin' you feel 'bout these problems for Run
But neva go less, I'm fresh with flesh
Tha solution's begun, gotta get ya'll, hit ya'll
Wit yo fellaz makin' dollaz and cents
But tha fact that wak rappaz be jealous
Make this Reverend intense

I'm flippin', I'm scrippin', I'm rippen 'em down, they be burnin' my church
No lippin', I'm sippin', I'm tippin' my ground, gettin' first in my verse
Who got yo macho, shot yo kids, creepin' up on yo crew
It's kinda hot, ya'll got yo bids, boy, and that's how we do

What's tunnel, oh, mind it's soldiaz, I'm bought masterline at this line
These bookaz that welfare line and can forget that black on black crime
We livin' and driven and giving them love but what they do wit out heart
For takin' and breakin' and fakin' then jacks, boy, ya tear 'em apart
Just livin' in a world that's so so cruel, that's tha tape in yo deck
They take our money, rape our women, now come, give you respect
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And I believe, a lot of us shouldn't even condemn these rappers
Because if nobody would have told me about God
The church folks would have been talkin' bad about me

Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel
Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel

Think 'bout tha in us too, me 1999 than what would we do
We breakin', it'll make a change, fool
Do somethin' knows quicker, it's all fake
Ya smoke tramps in our community flood
Wit a master plan to get rid of a sea me got crack

And all these diseases that make us immune
And ain't it ridiculous look at us strugglin', hustlin'
Gotta make ends meat to pay my bills
Gotta help ain't no grub on our grills
Stuffin' to ge to me fillin, thats only foe real, though
Still, people feel me, so many of yall now diamonds on tha rough
Sho' nuff, better know us when they get it, betta grip tight
Holdin' my brothaz, we're marchin' soldiaz and I told ya
And it showed deceivin', caught him on camera

Some coppaz got no love, they see a thug
Comin' up, steady peepin to sweeta
Foe see murd, they need go just
Wanna help tha weed trust
Don't even run to pull a gun and pop it

Tha blacker together mens, gather strong at last
Controllin' no mass, no more violence, gon' stop it
Grow up to be cloppaz and I'm proud
Be keepin' my Lord's warch and it's no
When you think it's sin, wanna live by tha sword
Gotta die ash, ash to dust
They turnin' that passin and not with tha less
Lil' Easy my mentor, king
Handin' over tha shoes, I go walkin' in
Fill us up on gag, betta pass with tha cruel world take 'em sha

Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel
Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel

Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel
Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel

Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel
Why, why, why are we
Living in a world, world, world so cruel
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Lyrics to World so Cruel
by Flesh-N-Bone

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