Lyrics to Through the Veil of Dawn
by Fleshcrawl

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[edit]Song titleThrough the Veil of Dawn
[edit]Artist nameFleshcrawl
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Enforcing evil
I kill your soul
I'm gonna live through your pain
Beyond retrieval
You'll fear your dreams
The way I am drives you insane

Obscure visions
Distorted by a withered shade
Shapeless demons
Fade away with the light of dawn
Unreal shadows
Turned to their incarnation
Ancient appearance
Crawled up through the veil of dawn

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Of flesh and skin
You're gonna bleed for my sins
Pretending power
Your soul is mine
You're gonna fall as I win

Lost souls - never they
die, never they feel
Dark dreams - longing for
death, never redeem
Lost souls - come with the
dusk, go with the light
Crippled - mind is in
pain, bleeding for me
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Lyrics to Through the Veil of Dawn
by Fleshcrawl

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