Lyrics to Telephone (Dial 555-Tuna)
by Flipper

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[edit]Song titleTelephone (Dial 555-Tuna)
[edit]Artist nameFlipper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now when I´m sick and tired and
I´m far away from home
I need to hear your voice on the telephone
That´s just what I need to feel at home
No matter how far away I am, how bad I feel
`Cause there´s no greater thrill in my life
Than to hear your sweet voice in my ear, it´s nice
It makes the miles apart not so far
Brings hope to me like a shining star

I get so tired out when I reach over and dial out
And all I get is the stupid machine it says
"I´m not at home right now
If you know what I mean
Find more similar lyrics on if you will leave your name and number
Sometime I´ll give you a call back and if you don´t
I won´t make time for you no more, Jack"

See I´m sick and tired of layin´ alone
I get these cold sweats when I´m far away from home
And if I could just hear your voice one more time
I might have a little inspiration to continue
My life in a way that I can that doesn´t seem
So destructive as I am but it´s OK if I don´t
get you today, I´ll just listen to your
Answering machine Ok fucked up piece of
shit 30 seconds and I´m cut off
no return calls (once a week)
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Lyrics to Telephone (Dial 555-Tuna)
by Flipper

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