Lyrics to Through the Eyes of Night...Winged They Come
by Fog

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[edit]Song titleThrough the Eyes of Night...Winged They Come
[edit]Artist nameFog
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Long are the shores of
this sunless sea
Infinite darkness lurking

Astral path of infinity
Carved into the essence of time

Gaze upon their featureless horror
Prowling the gates of infinity

From beyond the throne of satan
Through the eyes of
night winged the come

Stars align the infinite void
Drawing the tides of
the coming eclipse
Hordes from the heart of
this lunar winter
Agless, formless, and without face
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Surrounded by darkness
Burning the nightsky
Throug the eyes of the night
They take flight

Celestial ancients
Imperical majesty
From beyond the throne of satan
They shall rule inherit the earth

The earth
Inherit the earth
The earth

Through the eyes of the night
Winged they come
Devournig the earth
And eternity
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Lyrics to Through the Eyes of Night...Winged They Come
by Fog

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