Lyrics to X-Static
by Foo Fighters

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[edit]Song titleX-Static
[edit]Artist nameFoo Fighters
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Leading everything along
never far from being wrong
nevermind these things at all
it's nothing

Couldn't find a way to you
seems that's all I ever do
turning up black and blue

All the static we all left
wait until the time has come
figure that's where
time comes from
leaving all my senses numb
is heaven
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Lifted up the fay to seen
anything could never be
anything but play to me
in order

Take it back for them to keep
fallen into something deep
not that I had made that leap

Where have all the wishes gone
now that all of that is done
wish I would've won
for once
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Lyrics to X-Static
by Foo Fighters

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