Lyrics to Knowledge
by Forever Changed

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[edit]Song titleKnowledge
[edit]Artist nameForever Changed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Everybody's talking, how the world's changing.
Everybody's wondering, "How far will we run?"
Can you see the train wreck?
People scattered on the ground
searching for answer they've
never found.
And all I have is answers
To yesterday's questions.

You should've known...
You should've known...
You should've known
There's more to life than "Live for Today."

I can hear them whispering how
they all feel lonely.
If they only knew where true love is found.
Find more similar lyrics on can see them dying, falling on the floor.
Everybody's waiting to run out the door.

You should've known...
You should've known...
You should've known
There's more to life than "Live for Today."

So slow down.
You just want to be loved.
I hear it all the time.
Everybody's wondering how far will we run...

You should've known...
You should've known...
You should've known
There's more to life than "Live for Today."
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Lyrics to Knowledge
by Forever Changed

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