Lyrics to Crest of Silence
by Forlorn Legacy

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[edit]Song titleCrest of Silence
[edit]Artist nameForlorn Legacy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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One gentle shallow breath
like dagger stabed into something
I claimed to be despairing,
forging dying void breed
through age of false serenity
silence was my enemy
just a dream, dead insanity
non-existing memory
suddenly I hear voiceless words
stab this knife to your chest
shelter once this folded blame
help me rise witha another name
then silence torn through my flesh
Find more similar lyrics on hope to rise less sane
false serenity in my name
takes me to the void between
death and decay
neverborn but still bygone
everlasting deceit for man
forever without name
captive endless shame
behind, the crest of silence
last frontier made of clay
first emptiness created
entrance for the insane
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Lyrics to Crest of Silence
by Forlorn Legacy

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