Lyrics to What is This Thing Called Love
by Frank Sinatra

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[edit]Song titleWhat is This Thing Called Love
[edit]Artist nameFrank Sinatra
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Writer(s): Cole Porter

I was a hum-drum person
Leading a life apart
When love flew in through my window wide
And quickened my hum-drum heart
Love flew in thorugh my window
I was so happy then
But after love had stayed a little while
Love flew out again

What is this thing called love?
This funny thing called love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Find more similar lyrics on should it make a fool of me?
I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw my heart away
That's why I ask the Lawd up in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

You gave me days of sunshine
You gave me nights of cheer
You made my life an enchanted dream
'Til somebody else came near
Somebody else came near you
I felt the winter's chill
And now I sit and wonder night and day
Why I love you still?
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Lyrics to What is This Thing Called Love
by Frank Sinatra

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