Lyrics to Without a Song
by Frank Sinatra

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[edit]Song titleWithout a Song
[edit]Artist nameFrank Sinatra
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Without a song, the day would never end
Without a song, the road would never bend
When things go wrong, man ain't got a friend
Without a song

That field of corn, would never see a plow
That field of corn, would be deserted now
A man is born, he ain't no good no how
Without a song

Find more similar lyrics on got my trouble and woe, but sure as I know
The Jordan will roll
I'll get along, as long as a song
Is strung in my soul

I'll never know, what makes the rain to fall
I'll never know, what makes the grass so tall
I only know, there ain't no love at all
Without a song
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Lyrics to Without a Song
by Frank Sinatra

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