Lyrics to Chain Gang
by Freddie Hart

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[edit]Song titleChain Gang
[edit]Artist nameFreddie Hart
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Chain gang chain gang) I was just a kid a roamin'
around travelin' through a little ol' town When a
chief walked up and said come with me you're broke
and son that's vagrancy Just a CAREFREE LAD
who loved to roam and how I wish that I had
stayed at home For the way that I pleaded I would
rather hang it's no life of living on a chain gang
I dig that ditch I chop that corn I curse the day
that I was born I believe it's better for a man to
hang than to work like a dog on a chain gang

(Chain gang chain gang) Well the guard stands
there with a great big gun I bet he'd love to see
me run And I guess I probably will some day I'd
rather be dead than to live this way He looks well
Find more similar lyrics on and six foot tall and he's the meanest of us
all For he cracks that whip and he swings that
cane I reckon the sun must've touched his brain I
dig that ditch...

(Chain gang chain gang) I GOT a gal back home
who's true and kind and she's been a waitin' a
long long time I WROTE and told her forget my
name for I'll never lose this chain gang chain The
heaven to deliver me from this hole where a man
can lose his mind and soul The place gets weak and
the back gets broke ain't no cause to laugh and
joke I dig that ditch... Work like a dog on a
chain gang work like a dog on a chain gang
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Lyrics to Chain Gang
by Freddie Hart

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