Lyrics to On My Way
by Free

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[edit]Song titleOn My Way
[edit]Artist nameFree
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She talks to me of wisdom
We walk beside the sun
Rainy night and rainy day
Might as well keep away

I've got trouble on the run
Weariness, weariness has left my friend
My head goes round
And round again

On my way
And I might be late
I don't worry
Every thing can wait

She talks to me of feelin'
Feelin' good
And feelin' better
Once upon a time I thought
I could love around and not get caught

But I'd never met her
Find more similar lyrics on, weariness has left my friend
Head goes round
And round again

I'm on my way
And I might be late
I don't worry
Every thing can wait

Do you mean
When you say you'll be mine
I want you to be mine
All mine

Weariness, weariness has left my friend
My head goes round
And round again

On my way and I might be late
I don't worry
Every thing can wait
Every thing can wait
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Lyrics to On My Way
by Free

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