Lyrics to Sunny Day
by Free

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[edit]Song titleSunny Day
[edit]Artist nameFree
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, sunny day
Melting away
Oh sunny day
Melting away
Some say she was good for no one
But I say
She was bad for every one
Help me now' cause I feel
I'm fallin'
Maybe somehow
You will hear me callin'

Baby you didn't take everything
If you want it
You know I would bring
All the love you left behind
When you said goodbye.

Oh sunny day
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Oh sunny day
Melting away

Inside she was really nothing
I was a fool and I gave her everything
Help me now
'Cause I feel I'm fallin'
Maybe somehow you will hear me callin'
Baby you didn't mean what you said
Things that you told me
Are still in my head
And though it's too late
I realise all you did was lie.

Oh sunny day
Melting away
Oh sunny day
Falling away
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Lyrics to Sunny Day
by Free

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