Lyrics to Warriors
by Freedom Call

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[edit]Song titleWarriors
[edit]Artist nameFreedom Call
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We are warriors, born from the light
An army for freedom, defenders of life

At night, high up in the heavens we fight
Faster than lightning we strike
Like fires that rip through the night
Surrounded by light

Raging thunder in the skies
Time has come to sacrifice

We are warriors, born from the light
An army for freedom, defenders of life
Warriors, euphoria will rise
Returning from darkness we bury all lies

Find more similar lyrics on the knights, outcast and lost in the skies
Returning to heaven denied
Louder than thunder we ride
We are ready to strike

Call for us, you will survive
Follow us to paradise


Here we are, the warriors of light
Here we are, we came from the night
Here we are, the warriors of light
Here we are, euphoria will rise

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Lyrics to Warriors
by Freedom Call

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