Lyrics to Get in the van
by Frenzal Rhomb

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[edit]Song titleGet in the van
[edit]Artist nameFrenzal Rhomb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I don't think I like it
But I'm hanging around
I'm itching to go
And it brings me down

Going to a shit-town
I've gotta say
The only good thing
Is driving away

Always gotta find to the
Place we've gotta get
We're out of there as fast
As Frenzal in the wet

We make friends
And a few of them stick
Sometimes they're great
sometimes they're pricks

Gotta learn to like it
Like it or not
Avoid getting beat up
Avoid getting shot

Then it's 1, 2, 3,
Then 4 on the floor
Get the fuck away
Don't let it through the door

Gotta find a new place
Gotta meet a new face
Gotta try something
I've never done before

I've got to get away
Find more similar lyrics on a better day
Release me while the
Porch light fades

Breaking the bank
Now we're breaking a string
Breaking the law
Breaking other people's things

Trying to get right
Trying not to fight
Always spending money
On useless shite

Want to have a good time
??? very well
Drink too much
Then I'm sure I'll go to hell

Going 24 hours
Seven days a week
Some time soon
We've gotta get some sleep

There's nothing
like the feeling
Of the sun upon your back
Or the mystery of the unknown

We've gotta go,
We've gotta go now
Don't look back and
don't be slow
It's time to go and
chase the sun
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Lyrics to Get in the van
by Frenzal Rhomb

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