Lyrics to Mindphaser
by Front Line Assembly

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[edit]Song titleMindphaser
[edit]Artist nameFront Line Assembly
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Jesus...had days like this"
"Cyborgs - cybernetic organisms..."

"Machines with living
human tissue and
programmed to destroy"
The silence is deafening
Regression hangs in the air
A motionless world sits waiting
For new codes

A war of technology
Threatens to ignite
Digital murder
The language of machines

Mesmerised by a decade of faith
Flowers and remorse
A fading vision lost in time
Tragedy on course

Synthetic conspiracy
Masters of the human race
The mind now knows
New levels of fear

Implanted brain cells
Control is gone
We seem to believe
Truth is regression

The tension shows
The tension shows

Find more similar lyrics on"A quantum leap forward"
"Full OCP binary cyborg technology"
"State of the art
destructive capabilities"
"Commanded by a unique
combination of software
and organic systems"
"Jesus...had days like this"

The target we seek
Slowly comes into sight
The countdown begins
For launch into hell

The tension begins

"State of the art
destructive capabilities"

The kill is swift
It makes no sound
Aggression take its toll
Rhythm of violence
Cuts through the air
There's no more control
The sky turns brighter, a evil red
Missiles fly through the air
Shattered dreams
Shattered hopes
There's bodies everywhere

"State of the art
destructive capabilities"
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Lyrics to Mindphaser
by Front Line Assembly

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