Lyrics to Freestyle - Fugees
by Funkmaster Flex

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[edit]Song titleFreestyle - Fugees
[edit]Artist nameFunkmaster Flex
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Lauryn Hill) Yeah, we got Fugees up in here, haha!
(Wyclef) Refugee camp y'all
(Lauryn Hill) Funkmaster Flex up in here!
(Wyclef) One two, yeah
(Lauryn Hill) Yeah, yeah like this yo
*singing* We bumped into Flex, yeahhh, two months ago
(Wyclef) Yeah, yo what was he doing?
(Lauryn Hill) Yo, hahaa, like this yo, word
*singing* He was backstage at a Refugees show
(Wyclef) Oh yeah, I think it was like the Mecca
and Pete Rock on the wheels
(Lauryn Hill) Word up, yeah
*singing* He said Fu's could you rock yeah (yeah yeah, one time)
Or maybe you won't (one time) oh yeah, oh yeah
So we bust in the back of a big gray Cadillac
Oh my honey... yeah yeah
With nickels and dimes busting fat freestyle rhymes
Oh baby, and we crazy, yeah, so we break it down like this
I'm not Japanese but I drive a Mitsubishi
Not Spanish, but I eat arroz con pollo
Not Haitian, but I eat seaweed seskwa

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Chi-blah, chi-blah, chi-blah, chi-blah-blah-blah-blah-bamba
Check out de numba one rapper comin through your speaker
This is how Flex reach ya, bust it
For the kid he say, freestyle all day
From Brooklyn to L.A. it's the ay ay ay
If a bwoy wan fi test a now de bwoy get sway
When we come in dancehall all de roaches Raid, bust it
Cool fellow, in the dancehall stay mellow
All that guntalk who woulda thought you'd die yellow
Penny drug dealer, work for the vampire
New York to Newark, Captain Kirk he works for sandwiches
Number, zero, hit, professional
If you saw the movie then you know no one's Untouchable
Don't take this personal it's just family business
With this accomplice snitch now he sleeps with the fish
Wyclef Preacher's Son
Refugee Camp with the Funkmaster Flex in the
house (Refugees up in here, yeah)
Got L in the house, and Prazwell up (hahahaha, ha like this)

Funkmaster Flex blends into Doug E. Fresh's "I-Ight"
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Lyrics to Freestyle - Fugees
by Funkmaster Flex

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