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Einstein by Gabriella Cilmi

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[edit]Song titleEinstein
[edit]Artist nameGabriella Cilmi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'd like to think like einstein
Know the equal of pi
And never need to as why
Why, why boys don't cry
Where we go when we die
And what's the meaning of life

Whatever the weather man's saying we follow
Sunshine or rain
But he'll never tell me how I feel tomorrow
Pleasure or pain

The lessons I'm learning, just leave me burning for more and more, I lie awake hoping, jesus
Aint joking I'm sure, that his sure

Whatever the weather man's saying we follow
Sunshine or rain
But he'll never tell me how I feel tomorrow
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So tell me why the world keeps on turning, turning
And why so many people are hurting, hurting
How we traded honestly for lying, lying
Cause were only gonna make it if were trying, trying

You put a man on the moon
But you can't save that baby
And that pains me
You'll make a red rose turn blue
But you can't stop us dying keep on trying

Whatever the weather man's saying we follow
Sunshine or rain
But he'll never tell me how I feel tomorrow
Pleasure or pain
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Einstein by Gabriella Cilmi

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