Lyrics to Be My Guest
by Gaitana

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[edit]Song titleBe My Guest
[edit]Artist nameGaitana
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notes2012 Eurovision 14. place, from UKRAINE
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Welcome, girl and boy
Take my hand, let’s enjoy
From the bottom of my heart I wish you the best
You can be my guest, guest, you can be my guest

You can be my guest…
People, be my guest, guest…
Welcome people, be my guest
Lala lalala lalalalalala lala
Lala lalala lalalalalala lala

Welcome, stay with me
Be my friend, you are free
To live your life, to share your love
With the world

You can count on me darling, I’m your friend
I’ll do anything for you
From the bottom of my heart I wish you
I wish you the best (one, two) people (yes)

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Now, you can be my guest, guest…
Now you can be my guest
Lala lalala lalalalalala lala
Lala lalala lalalalalala lala

I’m always here for you
And you know I care for you
Just remember
I lo-oh-oh-lo-oh-oh-lo-oh-oh-lo-oh-oh-lo-oh-oh love you

Lala lalala lalalalalala lala
Welcome people
Lala lalala lalalalalala lala
Now you can be my guest

Lala lalala lalalalalala lala
You can be my guest
Lala lalala lalalalalala lala
Be my guest
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Lyrics to Be My Guest
by Gaitana

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