Lyrics to Men, Martians and Machines
by Gamma Ray

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[edit]Song titleMen, Martians and Machines
[edit]Artist nameGamma Ray
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From out of space we came on to the earth
From far away on solar beams
A dying race to find survival here
For our kind to plant our seeds

Our analysis of the atmosphere
Was good and so we touched the ground
A rising simple structured life form there
Seemed to be perfect what we'd found

We think in anger of our fallin dream
Our home is now a fading light
The cracks appeared and they
where pointing at the end
And so we came to save our lives

Men, Martians and Machines

You were too young to understand our plans
Find more similar lyrics on see the things up in the sky
We were the gods and we have tought you well
And so we found eternal life

We gained control upon our destiny
Our ships were flying everywhere
The cracks appeared our plan was bound to fail again
And now the circle's closing in

Men, Martians and Machines

We can't control our human sacrifice
Again we fear for our lives
The cracks appeared our brains
start to distort again
Now we gonna say goodbye

Men, Martians and Machines
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Lyrics to Men, Martians and Machines
by Gamma Ray

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