Lyrics to Beyond Comprehension
by Gang Starr

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[edit]Song titleBeyond Comprehension
[edit]Artist nameGang Starr
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Expanding the depth of your brainpower
Ours is a better gift, not to be braggin' nor lolligaggin'
I can see dimensions of sound and light around my mic
Transmitting lyrics like teletype

Reacting to a beat in a whisper
And like a transistor, I'm sounding dope when I'm crisper
The shortest length between two points is a straight line
I've gotta take mine, I heard it through the grapevine

That some can't find hype lines
And so I'm smotherin', over my prey I am hoverin'
Suckers I'm shovin' at the same time coverin'
You with the blanket of some language that's distinguished

How swift can I get? You ask and I'll tell
For I can excel, real well like a gazelle
Past your head, I'm grabbin' abstract thought
Like some gain glory while others get no part

I feel for the hurt ones, the victims of wrong deeds
Awareness is key, our people have strong needs
Science, math, history, theology
Philosophy, psychology, English and biology

Find more similar lyrics on and all of these have a purpose
But genocide makes me nervous
So many questions, many opinions to mention
And damn this jam's beyond comprehension

Like planets in orbit, we ride the life cycle
Some take a rifle on the street 'cause it seems neat
Whatever turns you on I guess, that's why vests are in season
I'll do my show then I'm leavin'

I'd rather be blastin' dope sounds on the other side of town
Than be there when they close the place down
But anyway, everyday, there's another way
For a person to just flip, so a brother may

Simply go buck wild, get crazy and mad
I know the struggle my father had
Poetry it comes from within and will always win
Hold captive bodies from end to end

And at a party, I'll survey then slay with the quickness
Displaying the fitness
Easin' the mind and relievin' the tension
And singin' my own song that's beyond comprehension
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Lyrics to Beyond Comprehension
by Gang Starr

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