Lyrics to Take it Personal
by Gang Starr

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[edit]Song titleTake it Personal
[edit]Artist nameGang Starr
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Take it personal
Take it personal
Take it personal

I never thought that you would crab me
Undermine me, and backstab me
But I can see clearly now the rain is gone
The pain is gone but what you did was still wrong

There was a few times I needed your support
But you tried to play me like an indoor sport
Like racquetball, tennis, pool, whatever
All I know is that you attempted to be clever

Nevertheless, cleverness can't impress
'Cause now you've been exposed like a person undressed
And I can see through you, 'cause I'm the guru
And what you gonna do when I start to step to you

'Cause when I pay you back I'll be hurting you
And this ain't no threat so take it personal

Take it personal
Take it personal
Take it personal

Rap is an art you can't own no loops
It's how you hook 'em up and the rhyme style troop
So don't even think you could say someone bit
Off your weak beat come on you need to quit

Find more similar lyrics on flip lines and rhymes that never sound like yours
There oughtta be laws against you yapping your jaws
Originality overflows from in me
And the truth is, that you wish you could live the

Life I live and kick the lyrics I kick
But bear in mind that you can't think as quick
So premier drops a beat, for me to say verses to
And if I sound doper then take it personal

Take it personal
Take it personal
Take it personal

Don't be mad 'cause I don't come around the way
Like I used to, I don't have time these days
I'm keeping busy making power moves
And don't try to say I don't remember you

You shouldn't let your jealousy show like that
I stopped coming by, 'cause of the way you act
Telling my business to kids I don't even know
You're like a daytime talk show, and that's low

So you can tell everyone, that I'm jerking you
And if you don't like it, kid, take it personal

Take it personal
Take it personal
Take it personal
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Lyrics to Take it Personal
by Gang Starr

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