Lyrics to Luv luv luv
by Gary Barlow

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[edit]Song titleLuv luv luv
[edit]Artist nameGary Barlow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Givng you love
So many ways
It's never been easy, no
Making time for love
It's never been easy finding
someone you can trust
In the past I spent each
night fulfilling
Someone else's dreams
Then I came face to face with you
And I have everything I need

Just giving you luv luv luv
Luv luv luv
Makes me feel alive

I'm giving to you change my
life in so many ways
I'm giving to you wash and
clean me up my crazy days
I'm so far from the valley
When I seemed I stoop so low
Now I am high on the mountain
Making trust to gain controt

Just giving you luv luv luv
Luv luv luv
Makes me feel alive
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I give you my luv luv luv
Luv luv luv
Till the day I die, till
the day that I die

Oh yeah
You think you love, you may love
Concentrating, dedicating
all my life to you
Contemplating, re-arranging
where I'm going to
Wherever you go I will go and
that's my way to prove
To prove that my love is true

Hey hey
Yeah yeah
Giving you love
I give you my love

I knew you changed my life in many ways
I knew you cleaned me up my crazy days
Now I feel like I've nothing left to say
Prove that my love is true

Giving you love
Give you my love
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Lyrics to Luv luv luv
by Gary Barlow

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