Lyrics to Old Manhattan Melodies
by Gary Brooker

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[edit]Song titleOld Manhattan Melodies
[edit]Artist nameGary Brooker
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Gary Brooker/Pete Sinfield)

Wouldn't changed a single word
Or touch a single note
Of those old songs those New York Songs
Of love that we once wrote
And though it hurts now we're apart
And different dreams pursue
Fragments of those songs remain
In whispered shades of blue

Old Manhattan melodies
Echo through my broken heart
and call me back to you
Old Manhattan melodies . . .
Why Oh why the echoes cry I only wish I knew

Lighthouse shine in Quarter time
And guide me from this coast
Find more similar lyrics on case I run around once more
And meet you or your ghost
I 'ver tried I can't turn back the clock
Your ships too long at sea
A dream the river stole away
Oh Misty Melody ...

Old Manhattan melodies . . .
Echo through my aching heart and
tell me you're still true
Old Manhattan melodies
Why Oh why the whole world
cries I only wish I knew

Old Manhattan melodies .. .
Every note a memory some happy and some blue
Old Manhattan melodies . . .
Whisper through my lonely heart
and call me back to you.
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Lyrics to Old Manhattan Melodies
by Gary Brooker

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