Lyrics to Welcome to Love
by Gary Numan

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[edit]Song titleWelcome to Love
[edit]Artist nameGary Numan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I could talk of memories
I could talk of miracles
I can't talk of anything but you
I remember everything
Even how you laughed at me
I remember every word you said

'Love is a game
Love is a game that we play
Love is a game
Love is a game and you lose
Welcome to Love'

Find more similar lyrics on you're waiting for someone
Waiting for the phone to ring
And I wonder who you're waiting for
There is nothing I can say
There are no good words for this
There is nothing more that I can do

'Lovers are fools
Lovers are foolish in the dark
Lovers are fools
Lovers are foolish and blind
Welcome to Love'
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Lyrics to Welcome to Love
by Gary Numan

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