Lyrics to Crush
by Gavin Degraw

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[edit]Song titleCrush
[edit]Artist nameGavin Degraw
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When my pass came in, you dropped the ball
It didn't change the way I feel
And I was wishing I'd break down your walls
The kiss will know if lips stay still

There is a line I crossed
And when you missed, I lost
I'm not a loser
Girl, you know that I'll be back again

My dear, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
And oh, my crush, I've got a crush

I suppose that I could hold it in
But you excite my every cell
Sources say that senses are your friends
My senses say that I should tell

You that I'm not ashamed
You might just feel the same
But you have to try it
If you're ever really going to know
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My dear, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
And oh, my crush, I've got a crush

I want to
I need to
I have to have you
You're so much to touch
Girl, you're too much
And I can't control it, you've got me all over the road

My dear, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
And oh, my crush
Damaging my soul
You blew me off but I don't mind
I just get better with time
And so do you
So do you
So do you
Oh, oh
Oh, my, my, my, my crush
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Lyrics to Crush
by Gavin Degraw

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