Lyrics to Zombie Needs Some Blood
by Gbankor

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[edit]Song titleZombie Needs Some Blood
[edit]Artist nameGbankor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This shit call himself a Thug
Let's show him we're the real nigga

You claim to be a thug
After watching d film titled troy u toy
U're still a little boy
Dat always imagine "dressing like what! a vagabond..dork

U still live under ya parents roof
Were they decide to u not 2 c d sun or moon
U're a fool better pair with me less u meet ur doom

U're reading comic while I'm smoking weed
U're eating pear while I'm drinking beer
U play with teddy bear while I shook some1 wit spear
U're sleeping on ya bed while I was detained in d cell
U wait 4 d school bell while I wait 4 ma bail

So don't call yaself a thug atall-U SUCK
We are d street lord
We live d thug life
D 9 and knifes dat's what we keep
They are not meant 4 u cos u never fumbled- U DUPE
U tremble at ya teacher's wipe
She wipes u n u weep u gets home n sleep

Nigga you suck me x2

Lets digress dis shit a da pitch
people screamin my name in da stadium no room 4 u 2 sit
u shiever in ur sit nd wet ur pant wit pee
Gbankor lecture ur ass nd teach u sum skils
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Bin in da game 4 so long
hav gat awards like Balon de or
I bring in sum step works even ur fans scream 4 more
am jst 2 good wit d ball so use d door

Hav gat couple of awards from sepp blatter
while I see u in da crowd selin gala
wit ur mama upfront helpin wit d pure water
I see u nodin nd smilin don't b flatterd

I boast of d great manchester arena
heard u ar a die hard fan of da 9ja Enyimba
were u dey wen I played wit da great maradona
u sat as a boy wit ur toy nd ur mum eatin dinner

No disrespect am da best
check whose hot ur da less
am blazin hot so don't contest
or get ur head burnt in ar mess

I speak wisdom, translated to street diction
U fuck wit me before now I slash you
I'm the slave wit snapped shackles

We are entangled when the tongue spit war
I'm a genius
I'm mature than nurture
I'm a superior
it's a gift of nature
Dat's y in dis competition u call me the thug major

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Lyrics to Zombie Needs Some Blood
by Gbankor

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