Lyrics to Back to Denver
by George Hamilton IV

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[edit]Song titleBack to Denver
[edit]Artist nameGeorge Hamilton IV
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Judy your breakfast was good I'd have me some more
if I could Your biscuits and love have filled me
your beautiful presents sustill me You're treatin'
me just like a king I know what teardrop will
bring That's kind of a comforting thing But
sometimes I wish I was thumbin' my way back to
Denver With nothin' to bother my mind and nothin'
ahead but blue sky highway and time
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Your shutters you keep closed up tight you iron my
shirts about right The coffee and cake that you
bring me The songs and the rhymes that you sing me
are nice But once in a while I wish you'd forget
how to smile And though you really treat me in
style But sometimes I wish... Sometimes I wish...
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Lyrics to Back to Denver
by George Hamilton IV

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