Lyrics to Pure Smokey
by George Harrison

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[edit]Song titlePure Smokey
[edit]Artist nameGeorge Harrison
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Smokey, smokey

Throughout my lifetimes, I'd hesitate
I'd feel some joy
But before I'd show my thanks
It became too late

But now all the way
I want to find the time and stop to say
I wanna thank You Lord
For giving us each new day

And as I think back over so many years
Love that's filled my ears
I wanna thank You Lord
For giving us pure smokey

Find more similar lyrics on anyone who hears that voice so free
He really got a hold on me
And I thank You Lord
For giving to us pure smokey, pure smokey
Smokey, pure smokey

Singing it so sweetly like no one else could do
Always trying something new
Well, I thank You Lord
For giving us pure smokey

And anyone who hears, hears that voice so free
He really got a hold on me
And I thank You Lord
For giving to us pure smokey, smokey

Thank You Lord
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Lyrics to Pure Smokey
by George Harrison

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