Lyrics to Men Like Us
by Gerald Levert

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[edit]Song titleMen Like Us
[edit]Artist nameGerald Levert
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I know it's gonna take someone
Who can understand you
I know you're tired of all these men
lying to you
It's gonna take someone
Who can really understand your needs
I'm not tryin to be a
player hater baby
But you would be better off with me

Cause men like us
We won't let you down
Cause men like us
We all been around
We've had it all
Now it's time to settle down
We all need someone
We need someone to share this house

Hanging in those clubs all night
coming home late
Find more similar lyrics on it comes down to this love
Baby I won't make you wait
See no one really knows
All the hell you been through
Oh I swear to make it up to you baby
cross my heart, hope to die
Anything for you


Said you spent most of
your life searchin'
Well baby now here I am
Here to sweep you off you feet
So baby take my hand, come with me


Men like us Men like us
Men like us Men like us
Men like us Men like us
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Lyrics to Men Like Us
by Gerald Levert

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