Lyrics to Metanoia
by Gerry Rafferty

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[edit]Song titleMetanoia
[edit]Artist nameGerry Rafferty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I saw the light
I changed my world
I changed my heart

We sing a song of repentance
A song of joy
We sing a song of repentance
A song of joy

My father's mansion has many rooms
But we all live on the lowest floor
Don't even know there is light above
This understanding won't do no more

We sing a song of repentance
We sing a song of joy
We sing a song of repentance
We sing a song of joy

I was sitting on a barbed wire fence
Metanoia, it made no sense
How many times I should
have cried to you
Now crying won't do no good

We sing a song of repentance
We sing a song of joy
We sing a song of repentance
We sing a song of joy
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I saw the river, I've seen the door
I ruled the world, talked to the people
They didn't understand
They went walking, yeah
they went walking

I saw (I saw the river) the light
I've seen the door
I changed (I ruled the world) my world
Talked to the people
I changed (they didn't
understand) my heart
They went walking, yeah
they went walking


Civilisations they come and go
From ancient Greece down to Mexico
The truth gets lost along the way
We're still dragging our feet in clay

We sing a song of repentance
We sing a song of joy
We sing a song of repentance
We sing a song of joy

Metanoia (metanoia)
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Lyrics to Metanoia
by Gerry Rafferty

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