Lyrics to Beat, Beat, Beat
by G.G. Allin

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[edit]Song titleBeat, Beat, Beat
[edit]Artist nameG.G. Allin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Beat, beat, beat, be my beat girl
I don't care if it hurts,
I'll start to scream
Beat, beat, beat, beat on me
Come on bitch and take a chance
Beat, beat, beat, beat on me
Get yourself a treat

Beat, beat, beat, beat on me bitch
If it squirts, I'ma start to itch
Beat, beat, beat, beat on me
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Beat, beat, beat, beat on me
I'ma start to scream

Beat, beat, beat, beat on me bitch
I don't care if it starts to itch, no
Beat, beat, beat, beat on me
Come on over here and you'll see
Beat, beat, beat, beat on me
Get yourself a treat
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Lyrics to Beat, Beat, Beat
by G.G. Allin

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