Lyrics to Dead or Alive
by G.G. Allin

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[edit]Song titleDead or Alive
[edit]Artist nameG.G. Allin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fallin' in love is one free ride
Spending my time getting high
Never know what you expect from me
The worst you get is the best you see
I'm going crazy am I really alive
If everyone fallow us do we ever survive
I sometimes wonder if I get up dead or alive
Used to be a spaceman
Find more similar lyrics on far out to neverland
Enjoy it like it nothing knew
But this is heaven and hell and
we don't let through
Used to be to blind to see
Destroy everythings infront of me
People stand and ask me why
Will I get up alive or will I die
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Lyrics to Dead or Alive
by G.G. Allin

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