Lyrics to Out for Blood
by G.G. Allin

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[edit]Song titleOut for Blood
[edit]Artist nameG.G. Allin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Make me bleed, make me bleed, 'cause I don't care
Stick me with a knife see if it scared
Make me bleed
Stick me down, step on my face, spit on me
'Cause I don't scare you'll see
Make me bleed

Can't you see, you'll never make
me bleed enough to care
You'll never stop me cause I am
better, you're gonna see

Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna say?
You can't stop me anyway, you'll see
Gonna do what I want, fuck you
I don't care what you do to me
Make me bleed

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You can't stop me
You're nothing, nothing to me, can't you see
Gonna make you bleed

Can't you see, you'll never never fuck me
You're nothing, nothing to me, cant you see?
I'm gonna make you bleed

I don't care what you do,
you're never gonna rule me
I'm better than you, fuck your way, my ways right
You are gonna see, fuck me

Can't you see? Can't make me bleed
You'll never, never be better than me
You'll never make me bleed
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Lyrics to Out for Blood
by G.G. Allin

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