Lyrics to Easier Said Than Done
by Gilbert O'sullivan

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[edit]Song titleEasier Said Than Done
[edit]Artist nameGilbert O'sullivan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Easier said than done What does it
matter where you lay your hat
Is it your home if it's a Laundromat
The point I'm getting at is even if
You think that you can make a go of it
It's easier said than done
It's easier said than done
Easier said than done
Show me that girl that just
wants to have some fun

Isn't it wonderful to give up meat
A healthy vegetable is such a treat
I've got this lettuce I'm about to dig
What if it tells me that it wants to live
It's easier said than done
Show me where a leaf out of any book comes from

A summer's day in dead of winter
A new year's ball being headed in
A fleet of cars out on the ocean
Causing a tail-back to the fin

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It's easier said than done
Easier said than done
Tell me what kind of a fugitive
Is a rabbit on the run

A bed of nails a bed of roses
I know which on I'd rather sleep
You can be sure mixamatosis
Isn't the way you cross your feet
You study hard at college to prepare
For unemployment in the world out there
And while the level you've attained is high
Getting a job for which you qualify
It's easier said than done
It's easier said than done
Easier said than done
Show me that girl that wants some fun
Show me a man giving birth to a son
Show how you get from a to z
With an alphabet in front
It's easier said than done
Easier said than done
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Lyrics to Easier Said Than Done
by Gilbert O'sullivan

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