Lyrics to You Better Believe it
by Gilbert O'sullivan

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[edit]Song titleYou Better Believe it
[edit]Artist nameGilbert O'sullivan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You'd think that nothing could erase Like rubber
bullets well your right I've got a lead one in my
hand It won't erase a word I write You are the
keeper of the flame You are the flame the keeper
keeps You are the kingdom of a god Whose statue on
occasion weeps I hate when sitting down to eat
Waiters who serve you with a writ You better
believe it What say you I go out the door What say
you I come in again What say you write to me in
Braille What say you use a ball point pen Proof of
the pudding is I'm told Not in the eating but the
place Place being where it is put before Before
Find more similar lyrics on get it in your face I'll do whatever I don't
want I'll smoke as long as I see fit You better
believe it I read a book about a man A protestant
no less Dreamt he woke up a catholic Scared
himself to death Give me one reason to support One
reason to support one thing Give me your Rolex or
your life Or else the trainers you are in I think
I am so I must be I am I think a walking gag I
hate potatoes with my chips Unless of course ther
e in a bag I'd love you even if at times At times
I wish I never did You better believe it You
better believe it
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Lyrics to You Better Believe it
by Gilbert O'sullivan

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