Lyrics to Unbearably Blue
by Gino Vannelli

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[edit]Song titleUnbearably Blue
[edit]Artist nameGino Vannelli
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Russian blue, yeah russian blue
Like sapphire in the sun
She taunted me so tenderly
What speck of logic I possess
Was hard on the run

I begged myself, don't give an inch
Don't wrestle with them eyes
One fatal glance, one look askance
Will only end in sorrow
Oh, dear boy, be advised
You're a happy man, and happy man
Resist what fools might do
Yeah, right, such noble words would be wise
If only they were truev
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unbearably blue

Now ain't I smart, so insufferably smart
Why it leaves me stupefied
The face is flush, my mind is mush
I oughta cut and run
But all I do is slip and slide

Seems my body and my soul
Got conflicting points of view
Now then, which master do I serve
If I only knew
'Cause her eyes are so unbearably blue
Unbearably blue
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Lyrics to Unbearably Blue
by Gino Vannelli

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