Lyrics to This Island Earth
by Glass Tiger

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[edit]Song titleThis Island Earth
[edit]Artist nameGlass Tiger
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I have this feeling
It's so revealing
Silence surrounds you
You stand all alone
And in the darkness
I still can find you
For light is shining
From deep within
Is this all it's worth?
Oh! Is this all
it's worth?
This island earth
I see the children
Lost in the city
We break the hearts
Of both the young and old
I see the need here
To feed the hungry
As dollar bills lie
Within your hands
Oh! Is this all
it's worth?
Oh! Is this all
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This island earth.
I see you
I give you
I feel you
I take y
I love you
I'll mend you
I touch you
I hate you
If I'm near you
I bleed you
I want you I'll save you
But I fear you
For I need you
What does it matter?
It really doesn't matter
What does it matter?
Really doesn't
matter to me
This island earth
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Lyrics to This Island Earth
by Glass Tiger

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