Lyrics to From Cradle to Grave
by Glasseater

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[edit]Song titleFrom Cradle to Grave
[edit]Artist nameGlasseater
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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we are born then we start to experience...
with experience we begin to age
we grow old
we look back into our days growing up
then we die
i wonder what it would feel
like to die with someone
or at least something other than yourself
when the light in your eyes burn out
and you are looking at your life
expeditions in rewind...
how many times did you go out
Find more similar lyrics on a limb to to try and prove
what you truly wanted to accomplish
(think about that and remember this)
we are born alone
and we leave this world alone
so grab hold of your life and run it dry
live life at your fullest capacity
leave no stone unturned
so when its your time to pass
the term regret will bear no consequence
risks will make it all work it
this will make it all worth it
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Lyrics to From Cradle to Grave
by Glasseater

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