Lyrics to I've got Mine
by Glenn Frey

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[edit]Song titleI've got Mine
[edit]Artist nameGlenn Frey
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Someone's sleeping on the sidewalk
As the winter sun goes down
Someone's drinking cold champagne
In another part of town

And the only thing he thinks about
As he sips his glass of wine
"It sure feels good sitting here tonight
Now that I've got mine"

I've got mine, I've got mine
This isn't such a bitter world
'Cause I've got mine

Someone's wandering the streets tonight
No way to warm his hands
Someone's turning up their fireplace
Making travel plans

His mind is on some sandy beach
Where the sun is gonna shine
He thinks, "I don't have to hang around
Now that I've got mine"

You see them in their limousines
You see the way they stare
But they don't see us looking back
Because they don't really care

Find more similar lyrics on say, "I've got mine, I've got mine
The world is as it's meant to be
'Cause I've got mine"

So I make a small donation
What more can I do?
You know I didn't make this world
I'm in it just like you

I've worked all my life on this house of cards
To keep it all in line
I can't take care of everyone
Now that I've got mine

There's another kind of poverty
That only rich men know
A moral malnutrition
That starves their very souls

And they can't be saved by money
They're all running out of time
And all the while they're thinkin'
"It's okay 'cause I've got mine"

I've got mine, I've got mine
I don't want a thing to change
'Cause I've got mine

I've got mine, I've got mine
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Lyrics to I've got Mine
by Glenn Frey

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