Lyrics to Ay,Ay,I
by Gloria Estefan

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[edit]Song titleAy,Ay,I
[edit]Artist nameGloria Estefan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I try hard to resist you
Pretend that you're not there
I haven't even kissed you
But don't think that I won't dare
'Cause you get to me baby
Like no one ever could
Why don't you come and save me
Don't tease me like you do

No no no no
Ay ay, I can't do without you
No, no can't do, I can't do without you
Ay ay, I can't do without you

No matter what they tell me
There's nothin' like true love
If there's no happy ending
At least you loved then lost
That's how I feel about you
(How I feel about you)
And though it may take some time
I love everything about you
And I've got to make you mine

No no no no
Ay ay, I can't do without you
I love you baby, can't you see I want you baby
Ay ay, I can't do without you

And though you set me up and
Turn me down
No matter what you say or do
Your eyes are telling me you want me too
I'm looking right through you
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What I see is Heaven
Just waiting there for me
Baby this was meant to happen
Or I'll never be set free

No no no no
Ay ay, I can't do without you
No, baby can't do
Ay ay, I can't do without you
(No, no, no)

Baby no no no no
I just can't do
Ay ay, I can't do without you
Night and day
I just want you
Without your love, I just can't do
Ay ay ay, can't do without you

Ay ay ay can't do without you
I said it before and I say it again
Without your love I just can't win

Ay ay, I can't do, without you
No no
Without you
Did you hear me,did you hear what I said baby

Ay ay, I can't do without you baby
In case you did not here me
Baby, let me say it again
Ay ay, I can't do without you
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Lyrics to Ay,Ay,I
by Gloria Estefan

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