Lyrics to Too Much the Same
by Goapele

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[edit]Song titleToo Much the Same
[edit]Artist nameGoapele
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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verse 1
Seeking a summertime love
Just kick it on the low
You know with a vibe and flow
But we didn't know
What the light of day would show
Or if it was meant to grow
How we'd feel within
What we ??

And why you kept that distance
Were your emotions ??
I was afraid of what
i was feelin'
Afraid that you'd take my heart
And go steal it
My pride my soul
Now i know
Now i know

Cuz we were too much the same
I didn't know
Who to blame
Cuz i didn't wanna change

We were too much the same
I didn't know
Who to blame
Cuz you weren't gonna change

verse 2
Unfamiliar ways
They came down like rain
Find more similar lyrics on in myself i
couldn't change
But if we coulda chilled
And waited a while
Then may now (?)
The shooting stars won't
send us running
From each other
From ourselves

And when you got me open
You faked on me
Why'd you tell me
that you love me
And then stray away
What you did that day
I promise i would
never go waiting
For someone who
couldn't ever change


verse 3
But you can't get
something for nothing
So what was mine
Sifted through like lost time
And unclaimed sand in
a desert wind
With half my heart i took you in
So i can let you go

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Lyrics to Too Much the Same
by Goapele

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