Lyrics to A Closure in Infinity
by Goatwhore

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[edit]Song titleA Closure in Infinity
[edit]Artist nameGoatwhore
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The crest light of divinity will never shine
Contemporarily refined through a catastrophic hell
Buried deep within the blood of traditional
revolution A distrust to decipher man's evolution,
The future never known A black hole of undivine
nature for destruction of heresy The stellar cycle
about to be sucked into the imploding dark star to
resurface an early cycle of man for a new
millenium Closure begins in collapse, Dissolving
into the raven giant We are timeless...within
damnation Outer descent thrown into a reversal of
extinction No emotion within this promise of
damnation On sorelines of the perverse The
Armageddon of prophecies unfold This threshold of
an event horizon Collapses into a closure of
negative density Look past the stories of life
Find more similar lyrics on beyond these lies of a garden of delight The
serpents tale is only beginning of this
interstellar rebirth Hell's cold fire Begin a
cycle reborn Devouring of utopia Attain within
non-escape Haste to collide with this transi
tional barrier that makes a dead man free The cold
ground is a warm death that leaves the personal
idea of dying a lonesome rebirth Grasp towards the
sky from within this depression As mountains of
scattered head stones lay A far worse burial
stigma becoming the inquisition The black heart of
cold faith Bare this cross a tranquil agnostic
epitaph The delivery of a condemned ideal The veil
closes its swollen eyes from above This bitter
evocation sealing the blackness of love
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Lyrics to A Closure in Infinity
by Goatwhore

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