Lyrics to Infernal Bestialities
by Goddess of Desire

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[edit]Song titleInfernal Bestialities
[edit]Artist nameGoddess of Desire
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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oh demon lust appear to me beneath this pentagram
and teach me the perversities beyond all thoughts of men
gibe me harlots for my pleasure to sacrifice in blood
and when i'm finished drinking it i will see my god
i'm the beggar for your venom thy stigma let me wear
through your twilight called gehennom thy yoke of lust i'll bear
mature me for the hellward fall
to answer my lord satan's call
the downward spiral i am on
brings me to pandemonium
infernal bestialities with thirst of blood i cry
infernal bestialities the reason you will die

age long i served satan adorned by paints of war
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i murdered all your enemies impaled their heads on stakes
on your pentagram they stand they'll never see their graves
the demon's piss i gargled besmirched with stool my chest
carved pentagrams and crosses all inverted on my head


the oath of devastation i swore in blood so black
i denied my own creation on the flesh i turned my back
so i lived by sword and daggar raped all the sluts i met
i stabbed a pastor's bladder and boozed his golden wet
so demon light your torch of sin install iniquity here within
decarnify my rotten soul for hell's damnation's now my goal
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Lyrics to Infernal Bestialities
by Goddess of Desire

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