Lyrics to Distant Love
by Golden Earring

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[edit]Song titleDistant Love
[edit]Artist nameGolden Earring
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From the Albums:
* Keeper of the flame
* Last blast of the century

It was a night like any other night
As it moved into a new day
Came up to a crossroad
Colours turnin' to grey yeah
You had troubles way back home
So you had a good excuse
How could you resit her anyway
Her big brown eyes made you lose
made you lose your mind
She knocked your defences down
All you could do was look at her
While she watced you coming down
She said pedal to the metal,
just a 7 minute drive
Next thing you remember...
Is a love sentence for life
Heaven came to earth, like an angel from above
You had to slip away from it
You had to run away from her
And you knew she wouldn't let you
Two hearts on fire
Find more similar lyrics on dream tangled and wired
Two bodies swaying, each one alone
To the beat of a distant love
Time can't heal the wounds of seperation
The pain just grows in your imagination
A sudden glance, a message in
your notebook wakes you up
But when you call she's always off the hook
So you get yourself a ticket and
you don't wanna know why
You've found out you're an
expert on makin' up lies
You once traded a dream for the
life you're livin' in
But you can't run away from it
You better try to forget her
And you know she won't let you
Two hearts on fire
One dream tangled and wired
Two bodies swaying, one dream never fading
Two hearts on fire
One dream tangled and wired
Two bodies swaying, one dream never fading
To the beat of a distant love
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Lyrics to Distant Love
by Golden Earring

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