Lyrics to 11 December 2002
by Goodenough Mashego

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[edit]Song title11 December 2002
[edit]Artist nameGoodenough Mashego
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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11 December 2002

you never listened when I spoke now I demand attention
the first black to bring the urban arts back to the ghetto
I used to cuss between verses, get free stress rehab
Got engulfed in the hate I gave out, never had love
Blamed everyone for my mishap, screamed “f” to the world
Take me for granted, know I’m edgy, beyond responsible behavior
But tonight I promise you, you’ll fucking listen to me

Number one on the line, ear floss, this goes to you from my heart
Do you remember when you used to patronize me with tears
Stupid of me, thought you were real, poured my pain to your ears
Tell me, why did you act like you were sharing my misery
The thing I know is I’m sick
Don’t know the name of the syndrome
Some say I’m psycho but I guess I just hate hos & tricks
Maybe misogyny’s precise but I got love for my moms,
My sisters, cousins & nieces on my family tree

Every words conjured to heal me get reduced to a joke
Some people laugh when I tell them I was left home alone
Before this journalism façade made you love me like dope
Find more similar lyrics on was four in my court
Hustling to skip the railing
See, I was robbed my movement
Before I had my freedom
Was denied the right to speak for nine months in a womb
But now I’ll keep on teaching you even after they sealed my tomb

Today it’s now or never, either I speak or I piss
Your fake drug induced tranquility, I demand my piece
In exchange me & the world we smoke a pipe of peace
I stop cussing, book rehab, live my life in peace
Finally hugging on my foes, start writing positive stuff
To hell with bigotry, lunacy & raw blood on a verse
Plan my escape with precision, escape this world like a fart
Leave the world & all its riches, certified as a farce

I guess you read this realist verse freshly spewed by my pen
Next time you do introspection be on my right or my left
Remember the famous mount Golgotha crucifixion of Christ
Afore you stand on my buttered side, know what it means to be there
For in every page of my diary my name & yours will compere
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Lyrics to 11 December 2002
by Goodenough Mashego

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