Lyrics to Engraved Fate
by Goodenough Mashego

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[edit]Song titleEngraved Fate
[edit]Artist nameGoodenough Mashego
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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engraved fate
(thanks to mahlogonolo)

my first conscious picture of my smoke filled block
not from coal but cannabis & gunsmoke from last night
for every breath we take is toxic ghetto emission
leaves our lungs bruised & bleeding shortcut to death
release blood through our nostrils, announce our exit

everything was going well 'til we started dreaming
when we started trading ambitions jealousy crept in
we were all good when we were broke
tales of god's plan for us got us all praying
were on our knees begging for signs hoping to see angels

two pennies rubbed together sounded like a church tocsin
instead of running into church we all embraced the devil
adored the root like our seeds filled our pockets with notes
the one demon we appeased was six figures & bliss
loosing sight of the portrait of a crucified christ
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last night I saw our common enemy & it looked like me
was not smoking on cocaine or sipping expensive cherry
neither was it light complexioned like I was raised to believe
looked like me smoked weed for nose candy ain't cheap
even sipped the cheap red wine that we pour to appease

my weed smoke gave me hope to face tomorrow with zest
I love drugs with a passion for it's all I ever had
I only dope to get by for the world ain't giving me shit
Asked for permission to touch your heart but got burnt in the act
Today I'm living hopeless my only friend is alcohol

Though we owe nobody shit we treasure kids like kings
Mete taliban justice on anyone using our queens for thrill
We're tired of mothers crying, they deserve some rest
Beg the homies @ the corner to increase the peace
For right now in our ghetto, this is all we need
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Lyrics to Engraved Fate
by Goodenough Mashego

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