Lyrics to Lord
by Goodenough Mashego

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[edit]Song titleLord
[edit]Artist nameGoodenough Mashego
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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please forgive me
i’m your son but not like christ
‘cuz it’s @ times like these
that i lose my mind
smoke weed get high & sin a lot

please forgive me
i’m your son but not like satan
but i act like him sometimes
& i do miss my age of innocence
afore the alcohol weed & sex
before i lost my mind

please forgive me i’m your son
the prodigal black sheep
Find more similar lyrics on deserted the flock
the 1 that never responded to
your call to return
the 1 that got pimped into
darkness & stayed there
that’s why it hurts that
i’m summoned to light

please forgive me i’m your son
the 1 that’s afraid of the truth
the scriptures say you love all mankind
i bet you love me still - regardless
am i really to blame?
‘cuz i’m fucked up but i
love what i done become
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Lyrics to Lord
by Goodenough Mashego

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