Lyrics to The Last 100 Days of Sodom
by Goretex

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[edit]Song titleThe Last 100 Days of Sodom
[edit]Artist nameGoretex
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Anybody gets it
Like quarantines that deemed infected
America supported Hitler till he came for his seconds
A cannibal never utensils
Crime scene: no stencils
Dimes get traded, degraded, smashed
And brought back like rentals
Selling coke to rabbi's
I’m recognizing the temple
Stalkers and blood letters from ex-girls signed on my guest sheet
She wet me up in the club, put my brain in the doors
Every time I smile it’s like kicking the Grim Reaper right in the fucking balls
Some new flesh, suicide girls on X
Models waking up late for sex, with third degrees on their chest
Bleeding with sore nipples, some rappers got a fetish for cripples
They blame liquor, some of these some of these strippers love playing with scissors
Even catch brain on the city bus with big tittys and muff
Malibu drug orgies with Jenna J and Hilary Duff
Killers amongst thieves, Howies crunk juice in cups
Children of Sodom we rock bottom, no stopping me up.

It’s over with!
C4 taped to your doorstep
It’s over with!
Cut up your face like boars head
It’s over with!
Controlling your mind, your thoughts read
It’s over with!
Find more similar lyrics on’s over with!

I’m playing the don, kick your face in
Looking like chicken pom
Green card, I carve you up nice, you pimpin like the swan
Victims like Mansfield, jugs in the podium
Shotgun pellets massage flesh, caress like exfoliants
Bunch of suicide rappers strapped to plutonium
These sluts they never gave me, stupid you crazy? They sniffing sodium
Opium labs, High zombies and project morgues
About the low self esteem, who sniff whores and shoot porn
Virgins afloat, determined when they worship the goat
I got the upper hand; control them when they’re hurting for coke
Every chick that wanna DP in a cup to drink
A cunt is only loved if it’s pink, I need drugs to blink!
What’s wrong with Gore? They call me when the corpse was raw.
They needed a law for this torch someone’s daughter to door
This porch for gore, tortured like the ghost of bottom
Striking The Beast, the last 100 days of Sodom!

It’s over with!
C4 taped to your doorstep
It’s over with!
Cut up your face like boars head
It’s over with!
Controlling your mind, your thoughts read
It’s over with!
It’s over with!
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Lyrics to The Last 100 Days of Sodom
by Goretex

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