Lyrics to El Mañana
by Gorillaz

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[edit]Song titleEl Mañana
[edit]Artist nameGorillaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Summer don't know me no more
Eager man, that's all

Summer don't know me
He just let me love in my sea
Cause I do know, Lord, from you that
Just died, yeah

I saw that day, lost my mind
Lord, I'll find, maybe in time
You'll want to be mine

Don't stop the buck when it comes
It's the dawn, you'll see

Money won't get there
Find more similar lyrics on years passed tonight you'll flee
If you do that, I'll be some
To find you

I saw that day, lost my mind
Lord, I'll find, maybe in time
You'll want to be mine

I saw that day, lost my mind
Lord, I'll find, maybe in time
You'll want to be mine

Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine
Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine
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Lyrics to El Mañana
by Gorillaz

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